(Frequently Asked Questions)


(Frequently Asked Questions)

For General Inquiries

What does TitletownTech do?
At our core, we’re an organization focused on venture building. The fund, venture studio, and innovation lab collectively enable us to create, advance, and invest in new companies and bring them to the next level in the market.

Do you only invest in Sports Tech?
No. The Sports & Media vertical is only one of our five areas of focus. Digital Health, Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and AWE (Ag/Water/Environment) make up the other four. These industries are unique strengths of Northeast Wisconsin and provide fertile ground for innovation, challenges, startups, customers, and expertise.

Is TitletownTech open to the public?
TitletownTech is open to ideas from everywhere, but the TitletownTech building exclusively houses TitletownTech employees, startups, and programs, as well as employees of Titletown Homes, Titletown Real Estate, the Green Bay Packers, and Delaware North.

Can I host meetings or events at TitletownTech?
Yes. The central part of the building is available for rent. You can reach out to events@packers.com for more information.

Do I have to be a Green Bay Packers fan to be in TitletownTech?
Yes – just kidding! We may try to sway your alliances, however.

For Founders, Creators, & Tinkerers

I’ve never started a company before. Can TitletownTech help me?
Absolutely. In the Studio, we have a variety of experts (in addition to our core team) who can help get you off the ground. This includes our legal partner, accounting partner, Entrepreneur in Residence, and Technologist in Residence.

When is the right time for me to pitch my idea to you?
Once you’ve defined the problem, have an idea of the solution, and understand the market, you’re likely in a good spot to initiate a discussion with us.

Do I fit the typical profile of someone you would invest in?
If you are an expert in your space who deeply understands the problem you are trying to solve, and you have a relentless drive to bring a solution to market, you are a great candidate.

Can I work with TitletownTech if I have an idea but haven’t developed the first version of the solution?
Yes. We can help if you have a concept, a prototype, or a startup. If we believe the opportunity and the market are compelling, we will partner with you to bring it to life.

Do I have to be working full time on my idea to be considered?
No. Our hope is by working with you part-time, we can get your idea to a point where it can either be your full-time job, or we can help you find the right person to lead it.

For Startups

What does TitletownTech invest in?
We invest in high growth, early-stage technology startups, anywhere between the idea/prototype phase to companies raising a Series A funding round. We have a preference for startups with a tie to Wisconsin that connect to one of our five industry verticals.

What does TitletownTech not invest in?
We do not invest in pharmaceuticals, cannabis, sports gambling, or real estate, nor do we invest in companies outside of the US or Canada.

What about companies or entrepreneurs who aren’t in your five verticals? Would you invest in them?
Yes. If there is a great opportunity that exists outside of our five verticals, we’re willing to learn more.

What is TitletownTech’s average investment amount?
Our check sizes range from $100k to $1M, but most often is between $250k and $500k.

Does my startup have to be located in Green Bay, Wisconsin to work with you?
No. Depending on each company’s unique situation, location may or may not be a factor in our ability to be a valuable partner to you.

What can I expect when working in the Venture Studio?
During your time in the Venture Studio, you have access to our core team and our extended network of partners. Rather than applying a cookie-cutter curriculum, we work with you to provide guidance and expertise during your journey. Our goal is to help you move farther faster.

Because you have a partnership with Microsoft, does that mean TitletownTech startups can only use Microsoft technologies?
No. We believe that startups should use whatever technology is best suited for their specific business. However, with Microsoft as one of our anchor partners, we can often provide deeper expertise with Microsoft technologies.

Do you sign NDAs?
Not until we are ready to move to a term sheet. If sharing your “secret sauce” is a concern, we’re happy to discuss high level ideas and concepts.

For Corporations

How do corporate partners work with TitletownTech?
Corporate Partners can work with us in a variety of ways – including offering insights into industry challenges, providing feedback on new ideas and startups, piloting startup products and services, discovering new market opportunities, and working with us to develop and launch new ventures. If interested in exploring opportunities to work together, please contact us.

Can my corporation invest in TitletownTech?
If you are interested in learning more about investing, please contact us.

Who are your Limited Partners?
Our current investors include the Green Bay Packers, Microsoft, and a variety of mostly Wisconsin-based companies across multiple industries.

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